- Learn the secrets behind Swinging, Comping and Soloing.

- Play with a Pro Rhythm section.

- Get Results

What It's All About:

In this time of pandemic when we’re all forced to interact from afar, many drummers have been asking if there’s a better way of conducting online drumming education. Sure, there are plenty of virtual drum clinics, Facebook Live sessions and online courses out there. But let’s face it, most of these amount to a one-way flow of information coming from the instructor while participants sit at home and watch. There is very little one-on-one interaction and even less individual feedback for students.

In response to this need, New York jazz drummer, author and educator Daniel Glass is partnering with Rupp’s Drums,  MFP Studios and Dazzle Jazz Club to offer a multi-day interactive/virtual experience that aims to provide a new standard in drum education for the Covid-era. Tailored exclusively for Denver-area drummers, the Daniel Glass Denver Jazz Intensive offers the opportunity to learn from a master educator through a unique, in-depth format combining online and in-person instruction.

Daniel Glass is a 30-year veteran jazz and swing drummer based in New York City. He’s worked with a ton of great artists from Brian Setzer to Bette Midler to Liza Minnelli. He works more than 200 gigs per year, and since 2010, he’s been the Monday night house drummer at NY’s legendary Birdland Jazz Club.

Daniel is also a master teacher who has coached hundreds of private students online over the past decade. He has developed deep insights into breaking down technique and offering the right series of exercises to break through all manner of issues, without ever needing to be in the same room.

In 2016, Daniel began hosting a 4-day Jazz Intensive in New York City. Each year, the event attracts students from five continents to experience the "Jazz Capital of the World," play with high level pros and have their playing critiqued by a master educator.

Shortly after the pandemic lockdown began, Rupp’s Drums approached Daniel to see if there were a way he might replicate that experience for the jazz drumming community in Denver.

What has emerged after several months of intensive planning is a fresh approach to drum education that is as close to an in-person experience as we can get at this time.

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Here’s What You’ll Get

* 8 hours of in-depth instruction on Jazz Technique with Daniel (Conducted online over a period of two weekends. See detailed itinerary below).

Course Topics include:

•    Pulse/Jazz Ride Pattern
•    Comping Behind A Soloist
•    Jazz Phrasing
•    Four-Way Coordination
•    Brushwork
•    Soloing
•    Traditional Grip
•    Shuffles
* Personalized Feedback: Get direct, one-on-one feedback from Daniel throughout all the technique courses and studio sessions. Class size will be limited to ensure maximum interaction.

* Jam and Record with a Professional Rhythm Section: Every participant will get a total of 60 minutes to work with a professional Denver-based rhythm section in the safe, socially-distanced environment of Mighty Fine Studios. You’ll receive critique from Daniel and the band about your technical and musicianship skills. Plus, you’ll walk away with a professionally produced video of your final performance.

* Participants will also receive the following:

   - Downloads: A PDF that includes all topics and exercises from the Technique Classes.
   - Evolution of Jazz Drumming Video Series:  Created by Daniel, this 4-part, multi-media lecture series offers a powerful and engaging “big picture” look at how jazz drumming has evolved over the last 120 years. Styles covered include: Traditional Jazz, Swing, Rhythm and Blues (Shuffles), Bebop and Hard Bop.
   - “Ask Daniel” Q&A: Your opportunity to ask a 30-year music industry veteran all your burning questions related to a getting gigs, practice, motivation, inspiration, etc.
   - Welcome Party: A chance to meet Daniel and the other participants the day before the event begins (virtual, or in-person - TBA).
   - Viewing Party: Attend a live concert stream of the Daniel Glass Trio (direct from NYC) at the Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver.
   - Swag: Prizes and giveaways from the companies that Daniel endorses (DW, Sabian, Vic Firth, Aquarian, LP, Big Bang, Alfred Music).

     *Price: $449. Includes all instruction, studio time, studio gear and events.

    *Questions? Contact Rupp's Drums via email, or call them directly at 888-756-5777 and ask for Alex.

    In-Person Events Will Be Held At:

Mighty Fine Studios
5235 E 38th Ave Denver, CO 80207

Dazzle Jazz Club
1512 Curtis St. Denver, CO 80202

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Friday, August 14Opening Night Get Together. Get to know the other participants, chat with Daniel (from NYC), share a cocktail and get pumped for the event. (Virtual, or in-person - TBA)

Saturday, August 15: Technique Development (via Zoom or other online platform)

Technique Class I: What is Swing? (1 hr.)
    - Creating the "Perfect Pulse" (the “Throw-Up” Exercise)
    - Incorporating French Grip fundamentals
    - "Deliberate Practice”: Getting the most out of practice time

Technique Class II: Jazz Phrasing (1 hr.)

    - “Singing and Snapping”
    - Round Robin Solos

 Mid-Day Break (0.5 hr.)

 Technique Class III: Balancing The Limbs (1 hr.)
Adding the Hi Hat
    - Adding the Bass Drum

 Technique Class IV: The Jazz Ride Pattern (1 hr.)
    - Establishing a three-stroke pattern out of the pulse
    - Ride cymbal variations

Sunday, August 16
: Studio and Critique Session I
(in-person event)

  • Each attendee will have a chance to play with a professional rhythm section at Mighty Fine Studios (Timed slot - 30 minutes each).
  • Everyone will select a song and provide rhythm section with a chart in advance.
  • The 30-minute time slot includes one-on-one critique from Daniel (via New York) and the band.
  • Focus of the session will be on Day 1 topics.
  • Sessions will be streamed live. When not playing, participants are strongly encouraged to observe from home, as this kind of feedback from pros offers an incredibly valuable learning tool.


Mid-Week Check In:

Wednesday, August 19: Mid-Week Check In (via Zoom or other online platform)

  • Technique Review: (1 hr.)
    • Throw-Up Exercise
    • Jazz Ride Pattern
    • “Singing and Snapping”
    • Round Robin Solos
  • Q&A Session: “Ask Daniel” (1 hr.)
    • Pick Daniel's brain about career advice, performing motivation, practicing, or anything else you like.



Friday, August 21: Evening Concert with The Daniel Glass Trio (Starts at 5:00 pm Mountain Time) )

  • This concert will be streamed live from a studio in New York (75-90 minute set with Q&A afterward).
  • Participants can enjoy the event from home or on a big screen with killer sound in the safe and socially distanced environment of Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver.

Saturday, August 22
Technique Development Day
(via Zoom or other online platform)

Technique Class V:  Comping and Melody
(1 hr.)
    - Comping: Adding the Left Hand
    - Melodic Connection

Technique Class VI: Hand Development (1 hr.)
    - Playing Melodies (Triplets/Ghost Notes)
    - Introduction to Soloing (Trading 4’s, Playing the entire form, Open solo)

Mid-Day Break (0.5 hr.)

Technique Class VII: Brushes (1 hr.)
    - Brush Fundamentals - Applying the Pulse
    - Understanding and Adding the Swish

Technique Class VIII: Comping (1 hr.)
    - Comping - Four Way Coordination
    - Incorporating Traditional Grip

Sunday, August 23rd
: Studio Session II: Final Performance and Recording

  • Every student has 30 minutes to run through and record one or two takes of their song with the in-house trio.
  • Students will receive a professionally produced recording (audio and video) of their performance within 2-3 days.
  • These sessions will be streamed live, so participants can invite friends/family to watch. They can also support their fellow attendees from home.
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About Daniel Glass:

Daniel Glass is an award-winning drummer, author, historian and educator based in New York City. He is widely recognized as an authority on classic American drumming and the evolution of American Popular Music.

Daniel has recorded and performed all over the world with a diverse group of top artists, including Brian Setzer, Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli, Jose Feliciano, Freddie Cole and KISS front man Gene Simmons. For two years running, Daniel was voted one of the top five R&B drummers in the world by readers of Modern Drummer and DRUM magazine. Since 2011, he has been the house drummer every Monday night at New York’s legendary Birdland Jazz Club.

As an educator, Daniel has published five books and three DVDs, including the award-winning titles The Century Project, The Roots of Rock Drumming, and The Commandments of Early Rhythm and Blues Drumming. He is a regular contributor to publications like Modern Drummer, DRUM and Classic Drummer. He has performed hundreds of clinics and master classes globally, appearing at many of the world’s top educational conferences and drum festivals.

Since 2016, Daniel has hosted an annual 4-day Jazz Intensive in New York City, which draws an international student base. In 2021, he will launch the first Daniel Glass European Jazz Intensive in Frankfurt, Germany.

A pioneer in online education, Daniel works one-on-one with an average of 50 private students each month (who hail from five continents). In 2013, Daniel co-curated an exhibit on the history of the drum set at the Rhythm Discovery Center in Indianapolis, IN, for which he was awarded the Percussive Arts Society’s “Distinguished Service Award.”
As an educator, Daniel’s goal is always the same - to show students in the 21st Century just how much they have in common with the past.

Learn more at: www.DanielGlass.com

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