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The Best Damn Shuffles Course Ever!

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Here’s a fact that may surprise you.

Just about every style of popular music that we play today – including rock, blues, funk, hip hop, jazz, metal, country, gospel or reggae – can trace its roots back to shuffles. And I can pretty much guarantee that whatever your goals are as a drummer, the odds you will encounter a shuffle are 100%.

With that in mind, the core message of this course is quite simple. Learning more about shuffles will not only make you a better drummer, it will make you more EMPLOYABLE. Whether your goal is to audition for the school jazz band, play in a tribute band on the weekends, make a living as a professional freelancer or become a million-selling rock star, knowing more about shuffles will help you reach that goal. In fact, learning about shuffles might be one of the smartest decisions you can make as a drummer, period!

What You'll Get In This 6-Module Course:

MODULE 1: Introduction – Why YOU Should Learn Shuffles
    •    What's the Big Deal About Shuffles, Anyway?
    •    Daniel's Shuffle Solo from the Modern Drummer Festival.
    •    The Two Elements of a Shuffe: Pulse and Swing

MODULE 2: The "No-Shuffle" Shuffle
    •    Step 1: Creating Pulse
    •    Step 2: Moving your Pulse to the Ride Cymbal
    •    Step 3: Connecting the Hi Hat   
    •    Step 4: Adding the Bass Drum
    •    Step 5: Putting It All Together

MODULE 3: The "Full" Shuffle
    •    Developing the "Full" Shuffle Pattern
    •    Introducing the “Push/Pull” Motion
    •    Turning the “Push/Pull” Motion into a Shuffle
    •    The “Double Shuffle” - Adding a Backbeat

MODULE 4: The "Straight-Swung" Shuffle
    •    The "Straight-Swung" Shuffle: Playing In-Between the Cracks
    •    Playing the "Straight-Swung" Shuffle on the Drum Set
    •    “Straight-Swung" Shuffle Demonstration #1: “Jailhouse Rock”
    •    “Straight-Swung" Shuffle Demonstration #2: “Broadway Jungle”
    •    Playing the "Straight-Swung" Shuffle on the Drum Set

MODULE 5: The Rock Shuffle
    •    Rock Shuffles: The Basics
    •    Daniel Breaks Down the Jeff Porcaro Rock Shuffle

MODULE 6: The Half-Time Shuffle
    •    Half-Time Shuffles: The Basics
    •    Daniel Breaks Down the Famous “Purdie" Shuffle
    •    The Half-Time Shuffle in Hip-Hop
    •    So What Happens Next?

Course includes a FREE PDF DOWNLOAD:
- Incorporating transcriptions, historical details, cool photos and more.